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Some members of the University of Omaha's Air Force ROTC help cheer on the men's basketball team. A crowd is shown standing on the bleachers. The people are of different races, genders, and ages. Some men and women are wearing uniforms, and some are…

A black and white photo taken of the Air Force ROTC's men's basketball team at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Marlin Briscoe (34) Basketball v Hastings.jpg
Marlin Briscoe (#34) performing an impressive jump shot against the Hastings College Broncos. Alas, despite superb performances by Briscoe (17 points), Bill Haas (16 points), and John Mackey (21 points), OU lost to Hastings, 85-74. December 12,…

Photos and statistics for the University of Omaha basketball team, from the 1968 Tomahawk yearbook (pages 280-281). Though Marlin Briscoe doesn't appear in the team photo, he is mentioned in the summary as one of the team's outstanding seniors. On…

Group photo of the University of Omaha Basketball team, with caption from the 1965 Tomahawk yearbook (page 146). Marlin Briscoe (#13) is the first player on the left in the front row.
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