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A booklet produced by the Omaha University Alumni Association after World War II promoting the university and its future needs including as they were connected to the needs and growth of the City of Omaha.
Sections in the booklet include:

Articles of Incorporation of the University of Omaha

The original enabling act providing for the establishment of municipal universities in metropolitan cities in the state of Nebraska was passed April 29, 1929, and became effective July 24, 1929 (Compiled Statues of Nebraska for 1929, pp. 229-231).…

The petition presented to the Board of Regents of the Municipal University of Omaha and the City Council by the South Central Municipal University Site Club includes the text of the petition along with signatures of supporters. The new proposed…

Redick Hall was the fledgling University of Omaha's first building on its new campus in North Omaha. Redick Hall was named for Oak C. Redick, a member of the board of trustees, who offered his 10-acre homestead mansion at 24th and Pratt Streets to…

Students in a class seated outside of Joslyn Hall on the University of Omaha campus in North Omaha in 1933.

Aerial View of OU including the tennis courts, quonset huts, and Arts and Sciences Hall.

Toward Excellence: a Plan for the Development of the University of Nebraska was adopted by the Board of Regents in 1973. This plan formally placed into effect the UNO suggestions of the earlier Regents Commission.

A 1936 Building & Grounds Committee report to the OU Board of Regents. This report led to the purchase of the land for the current UNO location and also includes discussion about the other possible future locations for campus.

"In March 1970, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents acted to establish a Regents' Commission on the Urban University of the 1970s to examine the appropriate role of the University of Nebraska at Omaha as an urban university.
"Chaired by…

"This is the final report of the Regents' Commission on the Urban University of the 70's. It represents the findings and recommendations of a "blue ribbon" Commission of Ne­braskans, whose names appear at the end of the report, established by the…

Letters, notes, and postcards between Steppenwolf publisher Philip Boatright and Dora M. Pettinella, typescript of “Your Sorrows are Meaningless” by Luigi Berti translated by Pettinella.

An aerial photograph of the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1970. Kayser Hall on Dodge Street is under construction in this photo.

Aerial photograph of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Dodge Street campus from the northeast.

Close-up of Earl Sullenger, University of Omaha Professor of Sociology, 1924

"From a New Perspective" was one of four publications produced by the University of Nebraska at Omaha to share its story as part of centennial celebrations that began in 2008.

Cover of 2008-2009 Employee Directory

H. A. Raapke Architectural Drawings 001
The H. A. Raapke Architectural Drawings collection contains original architectural drawings and studies dating from 1891 to 1907. The collection includes 53 original drawings on 48 loose sheets (most 18.5" x 24.5", some with drawings on both sides)…

Portrait of Connie Clausen, UNO athletics, taken in October 1983.
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