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This collection includes photographs from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and its predecessors, the Municipal University of Omaha and the University of Omaha, dating from the institution's founding in 1908 to the present.


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Marlin Briscoe Basketball Action Pose
Marlin Briscoe (#34) basketball action pose. 1966.

Marlin Briscoe Basketball Uniform Portrait
Marlin Briscoe (#34) basketball uniform portrait. 1966.

Marlin Briscoe and Al Caniglia
Marlin Briscoe (#27) with football coach Al Caniglia (right). 1966.

Marlin Briscoe Drawing
Original line drawing of Marlin Briscoe, used as the cover illustration for the 1966 Omaha University Football media guide.

Marlin Briscoe and OU Football Teammates
"Shown are members of the OU football team in 1962. In the front are William Shepard (73), Jim Jones (82), and Gerald Allen (44). In the back are Art Reynolds (40), Roger Sayers (24), and Marlin Briscoe (27). OU's 1962 season of 7-1-1, the best since…

Marlin Briscoe Basketball Jump Shot
Marlin Briscoe (#34) performing an impressive jump shot against the Hastings College Broncos. Alas, despite superb performances by Briscoe (17 points), Bill Haas (16 points), and John Mackey (21 points), OU lost to Hastings, 85-74. December 12,…

Marlin Briscoe Football Posed Portrait
Marlin Briscoe (#27). Circa 1965-1967.

Marlin Briscoe Football Uniform Portrait
Marlin Briscoe (#27). Circa 1965-1967.

Marlin Briscoe Football Action Pose
Marlin Briscoe (#27). Circa 1965-1967.

Marlin Briscoe Escapes
Marlin Briscoe narrowly evading a tackle. 1965.

Marlin Briscoe Receiving An Award
Marlin Briscoe receiving the 1965 Center Bank Player of the Year Award. On the left is coach Al Caniglia.

Marlin Briscoe in a Huddle with the 1967 OU Football Team
Marlin Briscoe (#27) in a huddle with the 1967 team. This was Briscoe's final year with the OU Indians. With a 4-0 conference record and 7-3 season, the team earned the CIC Championship that year, their fourth league title in six years. Ten members…

Bootstrappers in Class
Bootstrapper students in class.

June Bootstrapper Graduates
June graduates pose for a photo.

Bootstrappers on Campus
Bootstrappers spend time talking between classes on campus.

Bootstrappers in a classroom
Boostrappers assembled behind tables in a classroom.

Bootstrapper Graduates and Families
Bootstrapper graduates and families standing in front of the Gene Eppley Library.

Portrait of Kent Kirwan
Portrait of Kent Kirwan, UNO political science professor, taken in July 1984.

Margaret Fischer
Margaret Fischer in her new law office. Fischer and her law office moved into a new suite either because her old office was being demolished or because the new office was more accessible or affordable (or both).

Portrait of Connie Clausen
Portrait of Connie Clausen, UNO athletics, taken in October 1983.
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