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UNO Alumni Association Records


The UNO Alumni Association Records are the records of the Alumni Association of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and its predecessor the University of Omaha.


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New Life
In 1998, Nick Schinker wrote a four-page feature article about Marlin Briscoe for the UNO Alum magazine. Briscoe was five when he moved from California to Omaha with his mother and younger sister. He grew up in the projects, and sports offered him a…

The Regents' Commission report: A Blueprint for the Seventies
"In March 1970, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents acted to establish a Regents' Commission on the Urban University of the 1970s to examine the appropriate role of the University of Nebraska at Omaha as an urban university.
"Chaired by…

Your University: An Enviable Past - A Promising Future
A booklet produced by the Omaha University Alumni Association after World War II promoting the university and its future needs including as they were connected to the needs and growth of the City of Omaha.
Sections in the booklet include:
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